Hareem Shah Allegedly Shares Video of Mujra at PPP Federal Minister’s Residence

The controversial TikToker stayed true to her words.

Controversial TikToker Hareem Shah has exposed a federal minister of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) for allegedly hosting a live mujra at his official residence in Islamabad.

The TikToker vowed to leak all scandalous videos and pictures on social media following the arrest of PTI chairman Imran Khan, and it looks like she is staying true to her words.

Hareem tweeted a video in which a scantly clad woman is seen dancing seductively in what seems to be a PPP meeting room allegedly with framed portraits of prominent PPP figures, including the late Zulfiqar Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, in the background.

Adding to the intrigue, an alcohol bottle is visible on the table, suggesting an environment that sharply contrasts with the image of an official government setting.

Accompanying the controversial video, Hareem Shah tweeted,

Federal Minister of PPP holding mujra gatherings in his official residence in Islamabad 👏🏻

While Hareem Shah has not explicitly named the individual involved, the implications of the video are striking, particularly given the tense political environment nowadays.

As the video rapidly circulates across various social media platforms, public reaction has been a mixture of shock, condemnation, and outrage.

While some view it as a grave violation of decorum and the responsibilities associated with public office, others express their disappointment and disillusionment with the apparent behavior showcased in the video.

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