Hareem Shah’s Husband Disappeared After Coming Back to Pakistan

Tiktok sensation’s better half reached Karachi two days back.

The popular TikToker Hareem Shah recently released a statement on the private news channel that her husband, Bilal Shah, has “disappeared” after he arrived in Karachi from London last week.

In a video statement to Geo News from London, the social media sensation alleged that her husband was “kidnapped for unknown reasons” but Bilal’s family said that he was being questioned in relation to Hareem’s social media posts.

Bilal left London for Karachi and went missing two days after reaching Karachi from a local busy market, said Hareem.

In a statement Hareem said,

Bilal and I were in London and he went to Pakistan for some work. He was illegally kidnapped by some people in plain clothes. We made a complaint to the local police station but nobody had any idea why he had been picked. We have petitioned the court as well. Bilal has been taken away illegally.

She further said: “I request the law enforcement agencies to find my husband. He has nothing to do with politics or any activism. He has no previous criminal record. We are worried and going through a tough time.”

A petition has been filed in the Sindh High Court (SHC) against the “illegal detention” of Bilal allegedly by personnel of law enforcement agencies. The FIR has been registered in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) police station against unknown persons over Bilal Shah’s purported kidnapping.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Sindh Home Department, and other authorities concerned have been issued notices on a petition filed against the alleged disappearance of Bilal Shah. The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday directed authorities concerned to submit their replies to the court.

Hareem, who is now in the UK, was earlier in hot water and faced a Federal Investigation Agency inquiry when she uploaded a video on a social media platform in which she claimed clearing immigration to travel abroad with a large amount of foreign exchange without any check. A case was registered against her by the FIA.