Haris Rauf Melt Hearts With a Wholesome Game of Cricket With Local Kids

The fiery fast bowler’s wife Muzna joined in on the fun, delivering a few yorkers of her own!

Haris Rauf melted hearts with a cute video, playing cricket with little kids, while on his trip to the northern areas

The fiery cricketer took time off from his busy schedule to explore the scenic beauty of the northern areas with his wife Muzna Masood Malik.

While enjoying the lush green surroundings, Rauf couldn’t resist the charm of a small group of youngsters playing cricket in a flat patch of ground amidst the mountains.

The unexpected cricket match quickly became a highlight for both the children and onlookers as Haris Rauf showcased his playful side, joining the kids in their game. To the delight of the spectators and fans onliny, Muzna Masood Malik, Rauf’s wife, also joined in on the fun, taking a turn at bowling.

Haris Rauf later shared a heartwarming video of the impromptu cricket match on his Instagram account, capturing the joyous smiles of the local children. In the caption, he wrote,

Their smiles are priceless! 🌟

Netizens flooded the comments section with admiration for Rauf’s compassion and for the wholesome interaction with the local kids. One fan commented, “Man with a golden heart 🥺❤️❤️,” expressing appreciation for the cricketer’s kindness.

The video also sparked excitement among fans who were delighted to see Muzna Masood Malik showcasing her cricket skills against Haris Rauf. A user playfully commented, “Wah humarii Muzna Bhabhi ko bhee bowling aatii h 😂❤️” expressing joy at witnessing the couple’s playful camaraderie.

As Haris Rauf enjoys quality family time, it’s worth noting that his teammates are currently in Australia for an upcoming Test series. Despite a challenging World Cup performance last month, Rauf decided to opt out of the Test series, choosing to prioritize personal time and rejuvenation.