Has Rahim Pardesi Divorced His Second Wife?

The netizens are having speculations about their divorce after recent posts of Rahim

Content creator Rahim Pardesi aka Nasreen had us all in fits with his fun-filled videos. He managed to generate millions of views on Facebook and YouTube alongside a huge fan following on his social media accounts. Pardesi has married twice and kept his both wives together setting an example for people, as he treated them well and equally. Recently, his millions of fans are prying over the sudden absence of his second wife Somia.

The netizens are having speculations about their divorce after recent posts of Rahim. People are curious because Somia has also deactivated her social media accounts and has disappeared from Pardesi’s feed too.

Take a look!

Rahim Pardesi had not only set an example but proved that polygamous marriages are possible and he too promoted the idea of it.

Earlier in 2021,  the YouTuber shared a video, entitled ‘My wife almost died‘. In the video, he shared the terrible experience of Somia regarding childbirth and how she almost died due to the doctor’s negligence.

The couple revealed that the doctor first kept insisting on Somia to have a Cesarean delivery. When the child was delivered naturally via normal delivery, the doctors left five sponges inside her body.

Somia’s queer absence has left us puzzled too. What is your take on it? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Well he seems to share everything about his life on social media anyway so why hide this??? Hmmm a bit hypocritical

  2. Unfollowing, removing all her pictures, videos and posts seems like divorce

    Btw It has nothing to do with Shahveer, Rahim seems back with Shahveer since the split.

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