Have You Seen This Amazing Challenge By Pakistani Visual Artists? [Video]

This is beyond awesome!


It has been around two months since the famous #DontRushChallenge took the internet by storm. First posted by a 20-year-old Twitter user studying Business Management in England, the video received a whopping 2 million views.


Initially, the video wasn’t uploaded for the purpose of gaining fame. Toluwalase Asolo posted the video with her friends out of boredom during the initial phases of the lockdown. Now, after turning into a global challenge, most of us have given it a go.



Pakistanis didn’t stay behind either; Influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and almost everyone tried the #DontRushChallenge to pass their time in quarantine and connect with their friends.



But, with all the videos that were posted and shared with the public, the one posted by visual artist, Umair Najeeb Khan, is the best rendition of the challenge yet.

Mr. Khan is the man behind the first-ever Pakistani superheroes comics, Paak Legion. He took to his Twitter account to share the ‘artists version’ of the famous TikTok challenge.

Let’s take a look at the video:



This video includes some very talented Pakistani visual artists, namely: Khan, Abeer Kasiri, Maha Abdul Alaam, Haris Mansoor, Maheen Z, Samad Rizvi, Saleha Kamran Afzaal and Ameer Zahir Ali. The one-minute video has also gotten a lot of love and appreciation from the Twitter audience.

It has around 92 thousand views, and 2k shares as of today.

Let’s take a look at what some of the Twitter users have to say about this:












We love seeing art and creativity coming from peeps back home. These Pakistani visual artists, in particular, have won the hearts of many. Let’s hope this becomes an inspiration for all other artists in the country.

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