Here’s How Asim Azhar Dealt With Trolls Teasing Him About Hania Amir [Video]

He had to take extreme measures.

Asim Azhar

Recently, in an interview with Waqar Zaka, Asim Azhar revealed his relationship status. The Pakistani singer-songwriter further explained how he dealt with the social media backlash that he and Hania Amir received.

More than two weeks ago, Hania Amir revealed that she is single and is not in a relationship with Asim Azhar. Of course, given that the fans had been shipping the two of them together, the backlash got a little out of control.



Their cutesy pictures, for two years, gave their fans the impression that the two of them were dating. So, after the public friend-zoning of Asim, his fans started demanding ‘justice’ for the Jo Tu Na Mila singer.

But things were a little different on the other side. Asim revealed that he deleted his social media apps from the phone because he did not want that negative energy around him.

When asked if he is single, the actor and singer said:

I am single, and I have been single for quite a while now. It was a mature and mutual decision between us.



Speaking on the culture of gossiping, and adding spice to the story, Waqar Zaka said that Asim and Hania are strong-hearted. If it had been someone weak they would’ve fallen under depression after this kind of outrage on social media. Asim said:

Depression is taken so lightly and as a joke these days. Thanks to out elders’ prayers and support of God. Like you said, we are lucky to be strong-spirited.



It’s hard when people take something that’s very personal to you, and make a joke out of it.

Further sending a message to the youth, Asim Azhar said that patience is very important. He also revealed that he deleted all social media apps for almost 6 days, and waited for the hype to die down.

Watch the full video here:




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