Here’s What Nazish Jahangir Has to Say About Alizeh Shah’s Surgeries

“Not cute anymore”

The talented starlet, Nazish Jahangir, who is vocal about her opinions and tends to call a spade a spade, recently appeared in the Nadir Shah podcast and shared her views about work and different societal matters.

During the candid chit chat when the host asked her about her views on the plastic surgery of young star, Alizeh Shah, she replied,

 Alizeh Shah was too beautiful when she started her career and I used to adore her so much but fame is not easy to handle.

Alizeh Shah, After and Before

She didn’t clearly say that she did plastic surgery but indirectly pointed out that Alizeh did some treatments to change her features.

Here is the video below,

She also shared her thoughts on Aurat March and the concept of feminism. “I am not an orthodox feminist, l believe in equality, I still say, ‘not all crying women are truthful’. I am standing with the right person whether it is a woman or a man”, she stated.

She bluntly added,

I don’t believe in these Aurat Marches, it’s not benefiting the women for whom we are fighting, such poor women would be sitting in villages and making food. The ratio of Khula has increased after these Marches, I’m not saying to bear cruelties, our parents are the biggest example of absorbing each other with patience and love. Nadir, now people are getting divorced in a month after marriage.

Nazish Jahangir has been making waves on social media for quite some time now. Fans love her for her versatility and impeccable acting skills in various TV drama serials.

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