Here’s What Pakistani Celebrities Are Up to During the Lockdown [Pictures]

All these celebrities are giving their fans encouragement and support

Pakistani Celebrities

When it comes to our beloved Pakistani celebrities, we all know how busy and hectic their lives continue to be. But with the ban on social gatherings, we are getting to see our stars enjoying a comfortable time at home.

Couples, singles, and best friends are all taking to social media to share their experiences during a lockdown. They’ve been providing their fans encouragement and hope, and that’s exactly what we need right now.

Let’s take a look at what some of these celebrities have been up to!

Ayeza Khan & Danish Taimoor

It seems like this couple has taken this time to spend it with their kids and update awareness posts for their fans. They’ve also been promoting their projects like they always do. But their family bonding sessions is what’s pulling their fans in.



Sajal Ali & Ahad Raza Mir

These two lovebirds recently tied the knot and we were hoping to see some cute couple moments already. It seems like the two are safe, and in quarantine. Sajal is also impressing her fans with her cooking skills and apparently delicious food stories!


Naimal Khawar & Hamza Ali Abbasi

The couple has been in Dallas, Texas. Being far away from the county might be difficult at times, but it seems like the couple is content in each other’s company. Hamza has also been visiting a center for Islamic Learning while maintaining a safe distance from his colleagues.



Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain

It seems like these two are spending some great quality time together. When they are not helping fans with tips to survive the pandemic, Yasir is seen braiding Iqra’s hair!


Nida Yasir & Yasir Nawaz

Nida came under a lot of heat for still shooting and airing her daily show, but it seems like she’s back on the right track with the rest of us. Her family is seen ‘cleaning their space’ and also encouraging others to do the same.


Fatima Effendi & Kanwar Arsalan

Much like all the other young parents, Effendi and Arsalan are also utilizing this time with their kids.


Humayun Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui

After coming back from an international trip, these friends self-quarantined together in a hotel. They also took the coronavirus test, which came back negative.



Maya Ali

Maya Ali, after returning from her US trip, updated her fans on the importance of staying calm and taking precautions. The star also shared a video of herself cleaning her house thoroughly.


Hania Amir

While the others are giving us encouragement, Hania Amir has been giving her fans the real T. She is having a difficult time and is not afraid to admit it. Although her fans are there to support her, she is stressed, much like the rest of the world.



Feroze Khan

The 29-year-old former actor Feroze Khan, has been organizing donation drives for people who can’t afford to be in lockdown and still provide for their families. When he’s not busy doing charity work, he’s catching up with friends, family, and fans.



Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar shared a detailed post on the on-going situation, suggesting fans to practice yoga, watch movies/shows and learn something new. She’s seen doing the same on her Instagram stories.


Noman Ijaz

Noman has been quite active and vocal about the importance of taking precautionary measures against coronavirus. He also posted a video of him singing the Pakistani national anthem for Pakistan Day.


Naeema Butt

If you’re worried about getting out of shape during this lockdown, you must follow Neema Butt. She has come up with a fitness routine and will keep her fans posted on a daily basis.



Komal Rizvi

Komal is spending this time with her family, sharing experiences with her fans, and uploading beauty tips and skincare routines.

Much like the rest of the nation, Komal was extremely emotional on Pakistan Day and shared a video of her family singing the national anthem.



Shahid Afridi

Afridi has been helping the ones in need instead of staying still at home. He has also been spreading awareness to contain the spread of the virus.


Shaista Lodhi

Shaista shared a video suggesting everyone get enough sleep, exercise, and de-stress. She says these things are really important for better immunity.

Sanam Jung

Sanam, with the help of her lovely daughter, is also posting awareness videos. She’s also spending this time with her family.

Her daughter Alaya says, “If you want to go outside, you have to wear your masks and gloves.”

Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf is helping his fans to look for the silver lining in every situation. He is encouraging everyone to not only take care of themselves but also those around them.


Saboor Aly

Saboor is finding solace in cooking delicious meals for herself.



So, what have you been doing during the lockdown? Let us know!


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