Here’s Why Mahira Khan Never Wants to Date an Actor

She has shared screen space with some of the most handsome men like Fawad Khan, Humayun Saeed and the indisputable King, Shahrukh Khan!

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is one of the most celebrated actors in the country.

The drama, Humsafar, was her true claim to fame and since then Mahira Khan has reigned the industry and stunned everyone with her acting prowess. She has shared screen space with some of the most handsome and talented men such as Fawad Khan, Humayun Saeed and the indisputable King, Shahrukh Khan but never ever imagined starting a relationship with any hero!

She made these confessions when Mira Sethi asked Mahira about why she never dated a fellow actor, Mahira’s response left everyone amazed.

According to the Sadqay Tumhare star, she never ever wanted to date an actor because she believes her co-actors don’t know the real her and they will only like the ‘idea’ of her. Despite numerous proposals, Mahira always refrained from building relationships with a fellow actor because she felt it wasn’t right.

Mahira expressed her thoughts in Mira Sethi’s new digital show “Hello” Mira Sethi. The 36-years-old actor touched upon a lot of other topics such as harassment, bullying, and the concept of equality.

The conversation became particularly interesting when Mahira revealed her biggest dream and how she was able to forge it into a reality.

“When I was little I had only one dream — two actually, but one big dream that I want to do a film with Shahrukh Khan,” said Mahira.

She was able to live her dream when she did Raees with Shahrukh Khan in 2017. Although it’s been more than 4 years since the release of the film, the actress still finds it difficult to believe that it actually happened.

“I would calculate how old I would be, what the age difference would be if he would still be working etc, and I would say I will do only one film — only one — and that will be with Shahrukh Khan,” she said.

On the contrary, she did admit that she had to pay a price for the dream, being in the spotlight isn’t easy, and protecting your privacy can be a constant struggle but she is happy about all that she has achieved.

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Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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  1. She is spot on about actors, Julia Roberts, dated top actors, and then marry non actor is very happily married! Mahira has the same level of fame all the top actors wants to marry her, because she is mahir khan! Plus, look at the women, actresses or none actresses in BW who are married to top actors, they are hanging out together, while their top actors husbands are away!

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