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Here’s Why Petty Measures to Stop Aurat March Simply Do Not Work [Opinion]

You can’t kill an idea that is larger than life.

vandalize Aurat March posters

Aurat March is a peaceful march that is annually held on International Women’s Day. Women from various parts of Pakistan gather together to fight for their rights through posters. Keeping up with the festivities, participants raise their voices with enthusiastic chants against inequalities and misogyny.

It’s hard to understand why anyone who stands for women rights and human rights would vandalize posters intended for Aurat March posters. Yet, certain individuals just don’t get it. They’d rather indulge in hooliganism and vandalism to make their point poorly.

Flashback to Aurat March 2019

Before we speak about this year’s event, here’s a quick flashback from last year’s Aurat March which had its fair share of controversies and slogans that captured the public imagination.




While the previous two movements were turned into memes and jokes, we believe it’s time people change for the better and realize that women just want to live in a world where they don’t feel afraid.


The Movement

The Aurat March, organized by “Hum Auratein” (We The Women), is taking place in numerous cities including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Preparations have already begun for posters, banners, and slogans. This Aurat March anthem was posted on Facebook and the backlash has been unbelievable.

One Facebook user had the audacity to comment this on the video:

You think you will get ur rights like this? Embarrassing to see it will create more stubborn behavior of man, this kinda protest making women not powerful but controversial. Please Address real issues of women at proper forum, which is parliament, educational institutions, etc.

Comments like these don’t take into account the fact that women have historically being excluded from many things, be it in the household, the workplace or even the government. This is precisely why women are protesting in the first place – for someone to listen to their concerns and change things for the better.

Tiny Little Egos

So it goes without saying that tiny little egos are getting hurt over women demanding their duly human rights. This fact was confirmed when a beautiful mural set up by Aurat March organizers was destroyed recently.



Even if we ignore the fact that these posters cost artists like Shehzil time, effort and money; this has become about the misogynistic mindset of some people who inhabit the same spaces as we do. Now we fear how these men, the ones who vandalized these beautiful powerful posters, treat women of their own families.

United We Stand

While this ridiculous move was made to demean and belittle the motives of Aurat March, people are coming forward with all the more motivation and enthusiasm for the cause.

Threats of Violence are not far behind

While we want each and every lady to take part in this revolutionary movement, individuals like these portray the very real dangers that women in a desi society face. Openly calling for crimes like rape against those who disagree with us? We will let the readers decide for themselves.


While it is alarming that rape threats are being hurled like they were nothing by folks like the above ones, we believe that barking dogs seldom bite. But it wouldn’t be fair not to mention the numerous rape, murder, and honor killing cases that have occurred in Pakistan with every passing day.

Ironically, such violent tendencies and mindsets actually drive home the point that movements like Aurat March are necessary!

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Case Filed For Banning Aurat March in Pakistan

Written by Lens Staff


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