Hiba Qadir Proudly Supports Husband Arez Ahmed for Taking on Bold Intersex Role

“Very brave of you to perform this 🔥 Can’t wait to see it soon!!!”

Actress Hiba Qadir is beaming with pride as her husband, Arez Ahmed, prepares to take on a groundbreaking role as an intersex character in the drama serial Mein Kahani Hun.

Arez Ahmed, known for delivering compelling performances in various roles, is now gearing up to challenge himself with a character that breaks boundaries and explores new dimensions of storytelling.

Hiba expressed her admiration for Arez’s bold choice and shared her excitement with a heartfelt message in support of her husband’s latest venture.

She wrote,

Just love it! Very brave of you to perform this 🔥 Can’t wait to see it soon!!! Best wishes to the team!!!

Arez Ahmed has consistently impressed audiences with his versatile acting skills. However, his role in Mein Kahani Hun promises to be unlike any other character he has portrayed before.

The actor will be portraying an intersex individual on screen, a departure from his usual roles. This choice represents a significant shift in his acting career, as he takes on a character that challenges societal norms and opens up a dialogue on important issues.

Here’s a first-look at his new character.

Arez Ahmed has already captured the hearts of viewers with his performance in the drama series Shanaas, and now, he is set to make a powerful statement with his role in Mein Kahani Hun, which will be airing on Express Entertainment.

The decision to portray an intersex character is a bold step for both Arez Ahmed and the entertainment industry, as it sheds light on a topic that is often overlooked in mainstream media. Arez’s willingness to take on this role demonstrates his commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the diverse aspects of human experiences through his craft.

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