Hina Altaf Thinks Out Loud: ‘Industry Mein Hit Honay Ka Kya Formula Hai?’

Hina is keen on getting her spark back on the screen and looking for a formula to get hit.

Hina Altaf is usually known for her bubbly, happy-go-lucky nature and people around her seem to remain in cheers. Recently, Hina made an appearance on an online talk show where the host asked her If she ever met a very learned/intellectual person. What would she ask him?

Hina Altaf

To which the Dil Zaar Zaar actress replied that

“I would ask him the perfect formula to get hit in the industry?”

Well seems like Hina is keen on getting her spark back on the screen and looking for a formula to get hit.

But there’s much more to her jolly self, in an interview previously while talking to the host Altaf shared her life story.

Born as the only daughter to her parents and sister to her two brothers, Hina opened up about her relationship with her family, her mother’s illness, her depression and the trauma that she faced at very young age. We couldn’t hold ourselves from getting impressed listening to her inspirational story of fighting the battles and then coming out as the happy, strong person that she is today!

“I want to be honest as there aren’t a lot of times when you can say these things on television. Ever since I am born, my mother who is a schizophrenia patient has been suffering in her life,” said the actress about her mother’s illness.

Further teary-eyed Hina added

“She is a wonderful mother but after what she went through she couldn’t maintain a balance in her life,” a teary-eyed Hina added.

About her experience in Udaari she said

“When I did the scene in Udaari where I was the witness and recalling what had happened to younger Zebo, I could relate to those dialogues because of what I have been through in my life,” Hina revealed her story.

Lastly, Hina stated that

“I am very strong in life now, nobody can break me but I am still not strong enough to see my mother in her current state. It’s the most difficult thing in life to see your mother suffer,”


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