Hip AC Hazim Bangwar is Transforming Karachi’s Unused Spaces Into Recreational Areas

Karachi’s unused flyovers spaces are about to get a special makeover

North Nazimabad’s ‘cool’ commissioner, Hazim Bangwar is working on a unique project to turn unused government spaces into recreational sports complexes where people can indulge in fun sporting activities.

Karachi has a lot of flyovers and overhead bridges with spaces under them left unused or turned into a garbage dump. Now, Hazim Bangwar wants to turn those vacant spaces into multi-functional sports complexes with a cricket pitch, basketball court, and badminton area for residents.

The North Nazimabad AC’s idea is inspired by the initiative originally executed by Administrator Murtaza Wahab under Cantt Bridge.

Hazim Bangwar took to his Twitter to share his latest initiative with the people. He tweeted,

North Nazimabad you requested this? You’re getting this!

He got the inspiration for the sports complex from a concept in India. He shared the clip of Indian citizens playing basketball under a flyover bridge. The idea was implemented in Pakistan by Administrator Murtaza Wahab, who turned the space into a colorful basketball court.

Hazim wants to do the same for the people in his jurisdiction, and people are excited about it.

Hamza Bangwar is a typical example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The 29-year-old has people questioning his sexuality due to his bold and unusual fashion and mannerism. However, Bangwar is a very accomplished individual with an impressive academic record.

Hazim Bangwar

Bangwar finished his first degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from AIU London. He then went on to pursue an LLB from a university in London.

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