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Hira Mani Gets Criticized Over ‘Bold’ Photoshoot [Pictures]

Here we go again.

Popular actress Hira Mani has landed herself in hot waters as the Kashf star’s fans and followers are not too pleased with some of her latest clicks on her social media account on Instagram.

It seems like people have become quite judgmental of what a celebrity should or should not wear or post on social media. Pakistani TV actress Hira Mani is regarded as one of the stylish actresses in Pakistani showbiz.

However, being a fashionista does not mean that people will always appreciate your style or look, especially if it’s not ‘traditional. The Mere Pass Tum Ho star has never failed to surprise fans with not just brilliant performances onscreen but also with her stunning wardrobe choices.


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Unfortunately, some fans of Hira Mani are disappointed with the actress’s recent fashion choices.

Hira Mani incurs the wrath of trolls

Recently, the actress took to her social media account on Instagram to share her new look with her fans and followers. The Kashf star can be seen wearing a sequin dress that many people on social media consider to be ‘too revealing’. Check it out:

The actress has apparently angered some fans (read trolls) who decided to lecture her in the comment section of the post, criticizing her for wearing something that is inappropriate or offensive for a Muslim woman to be wearing.

Here are some of the comments Hira Mani received on her post:


What do you think about Hira Mani’s latest clicks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. On body can judge any one by seeing his or her getup or face ,specially a girl. We don’t need to think about others. Because we will also held answerable of our doing…,……. So don’t be criticizer. Just live your life as you do…. 🤘🤘🤞

  2. Bullshit let her live in who are we to judge anyone see around yourself sirf peeping in everyone’s matter yeh ek sick mentality hai mareez Hain log sudhaarna Nahi sirf looking pe objections Tou Audi nazar se na Dekho agar itna pain horaha hai
    Jahilon ke comments path Raha hu itne farigh Hain follow bhi karahay Hain troll bhi

  3. According to me its totally her choice what to wear and what not to. We should not be judging people on what they wear. We should just focus on our lives. And one more thing if you don’t like don’t see simple. But just dont judge. You might have heard “Never judge a book by its cover”.

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