Hira Mani Gives Off ‘Umrao Jaan’ Vibes in Latest Reel


The talented actress and mommy of two, Hira Mani recently shared an alluring video on her social media account. She is exuding regality in the video, posing exotically in a heavily embellished outfit with floral garlands and messy hair.

She is radiating typical Umrao Jaane-e-Ada vibes in this video and we are loving her killer looks. Check it out!

In the video, she is seen posing dramatically on the song, In Ankhoon Ki Masti by Indian singer Asha Bhosle. She looked resplendent in a shimmery outfit with heavy gold and floral jewelry.

Hira Mani is famous for her happy-go-lucky attitude and eccentric, OTT fashion sense, and her experimental looks are always caught by the fashion police but she doesn’t care. She never shies away from playing with her wardrobe even though she gets the wrong sort of attention for it.

Although she pushes her own envelope to be innovative with her looks and charms, sometimes, she fails to impress and ends up getting trolled for being try-hard and extra in an awkward way.

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