Hira Mani’s Bhabhi Comes to Rescue Her From a Troll

Hira Mani’s bhabhi defended her when a some trolls tried to victimize the artist for her choice of clothes

Who can believe that Hira Mani is a mother of two naughty boys? Well, it’s really hard to accept this reality especially if you’ve seen some of the pictures on her Instagram feed. The actress seems to be in such a perfect shape that we can’t help but wonder that what is the secret behind her beauty? The secret is perhaps a lot of hard work! She regularly hits the gym and shares small snippets on her feed as well. Well, here’s a proof!

Hira Mani’s pictures spark nasty comments

What happened when trolls attacked Hira?

However, Hira Mani’s pictures in her new gym wear invited some mean and rude comments by some nonsensical trolls. The good thing is that Hira’s family, her very own bhabi stepped forward to protect her sister-in-law and hit back at the troll. We just loved her response.

Here is what happened

Hira adored her bhabhi for speaking up and protecting her. “I love you sonay” replied Hira. Well, we can deduce one thing from this encounter that Hira and her Bhabhi really love each other. They definitely aren’t like any typical Nand Bhabhi who pull each other down.


You definitely need to take some inspiration from this powerful Nand Bhabhi Jori because they teach us that loved ones should always stand up for each other. Hira is not only blessed with a great family but with immense talent as well. Her back-to-back hits have proven that she is indeed one of a kind.


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Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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