Hira Mani’s Live Performance in USA Goes Viral

The ‘Sawari’ singer put on a show for the fans in attendance.

Showbiz star, Hira Mani was spotted singing live on stage at a concert in the United States. A clip of the Meher Mah star performing to a crowd in USA has gone viral all over social media.

It seems like Hira Mani is focusing more on her singing rather than her acting skills. To be fair, she has impressed fans with her vocal talents with songs like “Sawari” on Kashmir Beats, but her live performances has received mixed reactions online.

Netizens were not impressed by her song choice nor her vocal performance, as people criticized her performance in the comments.

In the clip, Hira Mani can be seen performing to a rather small crowd, who are the least bit interested in singing along with the Pakistani actress.

The only person interested in the show besides Hira Mani herself, is her son, who is seen recording the performance on the phone from the side of the stage. Check it out!

The clip has received mixed reactions with many left wondering why Hira Mani is doing concert tours in the US.

Hira Mani is one of the biggest stars in the showbiz industry. She has made quite a fan base nationwide with her brilliant performances. Fans loved her in the drama serials, Kashf, Do Bol, and the blockbuster, Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Her timeless charm and happy-go-lucky nature make her one of the most talked about actresses in the industry.

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