‘Hogai Ghalti’: Bilal Saeed Drops New Single After His Viral Outburst

The song features the talented Mehr Tahir.

Pop star Bilal Saeed and Mehr Tahir have dropped their latest single, “Hogai Ghalti,” captivating audiences worldwide.

The song, now available on YouTube and all major audio streaming platforms, marks a fresh chapter in the artists’ musical journey.

This release follows Bilal Saeed’s recent viral moment at a live concert where he made headlines for throwing his microphone at a disruptive fan.

Seemingly undeterred by the incident, Bilal Saeed took to social media to promote “Hogai Ghalti” with a cryptic caption,

There are always two sides of the story, listen to both of the sides and then find out kis ki ghalti hai 😜

Presented by One Two Records and Bilal Saeed, the song explores the complexities of love and relationships, conveying a message that love often requires taking risks and embracing the possibility of mistakes. The description of the track reads, “Love is about taking a leap of faith and often comes with no guarantee of winning.”

Mehr Tahir, the vocal powerhouse featured in the song, showcases not only her enchanting voice but also her style and dance moves, establishing herself as a multifaceted talent in the music industry. “Hogai Ghalti” is a melodious tussle between lovers who navigate their unique ways of expressing affection.

Fans have welcomed the song with open arms, praising the artists for delivering yet another Punjabi music masterpiece. One fan wrote, ”

Bilal Saeed has such a power that he writes songs, sings them, acts in videos and then becomes a hit.❤”

Check out the music video here.