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How To Choose The Perfect Winged Eyeliner to Flatter Your Eyes [Guide]

Its all in the eye(liner).


Let’s face it. We’ve all struggled with getting that perfect eyeliner look. One minute you get that chic feline flick and the next minute you might end up looking like a raccoon.

But like every other art, there’s a method to it. And we’re here to help you choose the right one.

Did you know that picking the right winged liner for your eyes can give you the illusion of having bigger and brighter eyes, whereas the wrong pick would make them look smaller and even a little droopy?

Here is a complete guide to knowing your eye shape and knowing what eyeliner suits you best.

Eyeliner for Almond Eyes

Like the name suggests, almond eyes mirrors the shape of an almond. Almond eyes are almost symmetrical but with a little flick in the outer corner or the bottom rim of the lower lid.

Celebrities with Almond eyes: Hailey Baldwin, Kerry Washington, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj.

People with almond eyes are considered lucky since well, you can do almost anything to enhance their shape. This also includes the classic cat-eye.

How to get get the best results? Begin with a thin line on the upper corner of your eye-lid and gradually go thicker as you reach the outer corner. A little wing would just lift your eyes beautifully. If you have down-turned eyes like Marilyn Monroe raise that wing for a proper winged liner.

So, don’t be afraid to play dramatic with this shape.

For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are those when your eyelids are hidden as long as your eyes are wide open.

Celebrities with Hooded eyes: Emma Stone, Blake Lively, Lupita Nyongo’o, Jennifer Lawrence, Claudia Schiffer, Jennifer Anniston.

So for shapes like this, you need to make sure your eyes stay open and focus more on the outer corner.

Apply a white eyeliner on your water-line, this will create the illusion of an opened eye. Try a beige, peach or even salmon-colored liner if white is too bright for you.

For the lid, emphasize on the outer corner taking in the thickness 1/3 or halfway, making it an elongated vertical wing. If you want to go a little bold with your lower lash line, just focus on the outer corner only. Going all out on the lower lash line will drag your eye down.

For Deep-Set Eyes

Deep sets have a protruding brow-bone, with the eyes slightly further back in your skull.

Celebrities with Deep-Set eyes: Jessica Alba, Zoë Kravitz, Lily Aldridge, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Gigi Hadid.

For this shape, you need to know your eye size to enhance it. Small deep-sets look perfect with a thin line and a horizontal flick closest to your lash line, this goes for your everyday look. To add a little drama for that evening look, accentuate the corners and the outer half of your eye. Add a shimmer shadow or highlight to your lid to bring it forward and keep your brow-bone clear of any shine.

Having a big deep-set, you can add in a little more to the width esp. with the outer corner to get that bigger wing.


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Every eye shape is beautiful, you just need to master these simple tricks to enhance that look.

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Written by Dua Khan


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