How to Wear Sari the Right Way [Pictures]

There’s a style for everyone!


‘Sari’ is a South Asian garment that has been around for centuries. The traditional garment has come a long way and has many trendier variations nowadays. For inspiration on how to rock a sari with a modern flair, we can look to our own Pakistani celebs.

Clothing in any culture has a lot to do with the climate. What better way to beat the heat than a loose flowing garment like a sari. Traditional garments are always a safe choice but some of us want more oomph than the classic look has to offer.

Everything from the fabric to the styling determines for timeless or forward. Here is a look at Pakistani celebrities donning saris to help you determine how’d you like to drape your sari.

Sunny Florals

With summer around the corner, floral saris are a staple. Florals and lightweight fabrics are a perfect pairing for summer.



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Since it’s still a little chilly, you can follow Mahira Khan and throw a coat over it.

Lightweight Drapes

Even though summer calls for delicate cotton saris, chiffon is a neater option. The fabric is still lightweight and delicate. Yet it doesn’t crinkle as fast as cotton.


Chiffon is also easier to drape beautifully and gives off a formal flair.


A flowy silhouette and solid color will look great on any frame. Monochrome is also a classic trend that’s been around for forever. Try a monochrome look with colors other than white and black.

Just look at Iqra Aziz and Iffat Omar adopting a popular color of the year, saffron.


Staple Banarsi


Barasi saris are a staple we all need. The finesse and craftsmanship that is involved in making the product is worth the extra buck. Whether you’re looking for gold or silver accents, there’s a banarsi sari out there for everyone.


Casual Chic

Whether you decide to drape it a different way or throw a belt on top.



Integrating a sari into your casual wardrobe can be hard. The look might come off as too polished, but you can tone it down.




Traditional garments a safe choice when it comes to formalwear. Over the years saris have really been reinvented when it comes to formalwear.


Mesh Well

Net or mesh saris are another way the traditional garment has been revamped. Despite all that blight, the weight of the net makes it more manageable.


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All That Bling

From holographic fabrics to sequins, the sari is now more blinged up than the traditional banarsi sari.


Retro Vibes


This includes graphic patterns from polka dots to geometric designs. You can dress these designs up for formalwear, or dress them down for casual looks.

So ladies, which of these sari style inspirations is your favorite one? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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