Humaima Malick Wants To Embrace the Hijab [Video]

The ‘Bol’ actress talked about how she eventually wants to become a hijabi.

Humaima Malick

After brother Feroze Khan and younger sister Dua Malik set out on the spiritual path, superstar Humaima Malick wants to follow the righteous path too.

Recently in her appearance on ‘Har Lamha Purjosh‘ the Bol actress talked about how she eventually wants to become a hijabi.


Are Humaima Malick & Dua Malik Quitting Showbiz?

The subject came up when the host, Waseem Badami, brought up how Dua Malik is a hijabi for two years now and going strong. He shared how Feroze Khan had mentioned on the show that after his spiritual transformation, his sisters will have similar announcements soon.

That’s when the Raja Natwarlal actress shared how after Dua she’s trying to switch her lifestyle too.

“I hope to God, that one day in life after making some decisions I’m able to value the importance of hijab, to wear it and to adapt to that lifestyle.”

She also shared who her favorite actress is. Humaima has two actually. She’s a Saba Qamar and Sania Saeed fangirl.



Humaima Malick Labelled as ‘Hypocrite’ Over Embracing Hijab

Previously when she embraced the traditional hijab, fellow actress Noor Bukhari gifted her a hijab. At the time Humaima Malick penned a heartfelt post to thank the Mujhe Chand Chahye actress.

“There are very few people in life who expect nothing from you but your own good. Noor. you are so noorani (luminous) meri pyari (My lovely). Thank you for this beautiful gift, I love wearing a scarf. May Allah add me in his loved ones and give me the strength to carry hijab all my life.”

It is pertinent to mention that even when Hamza Ali Abbasi quit showbiz for Islam, he clarified that he will remain an actor and a performer. He shared how he’ll use his filmmaking and acting skills to create content about Islam.

The Pyarey Afzal actor clarified that being an actor isn’t a bad thing or prohibited in Islam. He was last seen in the spiritual drama Alif.

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