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Humaima Malik Lets Her Fairytale Train Do the Talking [Pictures]

She is also showering little bro Feroze Khan with love.


Humaima Malik has been keeping a low profile since Arth: The Final Destination last year. The actress recently made headlines for shutting down trolls that criticized her sharing a lot of pictures from her Umrah.

Despite not having hitting our screens since Arth 2, Humaima Malik’s Instagram has stayed in the spotlight. Even now the model’s recent pictures stole all the attention.

Humaima Malik Goes All Fairytale

Arth 2 actress Humaima Malick stealing the Instagram spotlight


Humaima Malick fairytale train in recent pictures


What’s with the ‘bindi’ in Humaima Malick Instagram pictures


Legend of Maula Jutt actress Humaima Malick recent look on Instagram

The actress let her fairytale train do all the talking.

What’s with the ‘bindi‘ though? Perhaps she chose the red dot (typically worn on the forehead in Indian culture) to ward off bad luck.


Here Are The Winners of Lux Style Awards 2019

Lets Not Forget Feroze Khan

Meanwhile, her little brother Feroze Khan bagged the Lux Style Award for ‘Viewers Choice Best Actor‘ for playing Meer Hadi in Khaani. He’s definitely getting all her love.

Humaima Malick and little brother Feroze Khan
Feroze Khan with his sister Humaima Malik
Humaima Malick showering love on little brother Feroze Khan


Meanwhile, the Legend of Maula Jutt actress shared some laid back pictures as well. A Pakistani actress kicking back to the sweet smell of Indian Jasmine (Asian really, but you know how names stick).

Humaima Malick laid back Instagram pictures
Posing with sweet Indian Jasmine, Pakistani actress Humaima Malick
Humaima Malick recent Instagram post

Humaima Goes Green

Dolled up in green


Humaima Malik’s recent Instagram pics

Around the time Humaima Malik was being trolled for her Umrah pics the Internet suspected that she secretly got married.

Her Umrah pictures featured Akbar Dhedhi in particular. Humaima posted no other picture with anyone from her family and that’s probably what got people’s tongue wagging.

People assumed Akbar Dhedhi is Humaima Malik’s mehram,  since you need one to go to Saudi Arabia (implying that they’re married).

Rumors aside, it is 100% confirmed the actress will next be seen in The Legend of Maula Jutt. The reboot of the Punjabi classic Maula Jutt, The Legend of Maula Jutt release date is slated for Eid-ul-Adha.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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