Humayun Saeed Responds To Nauman Ijaz’s Comments

Here’s what happened.

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Recently, veteran actor Nauman Ijaz had a live session with Vasay Chaudhry where he commented on the acting skills of some well-known actors such as Hamza Ali Abbassi, Adnan Siddiqui, Hollywood legend Marlon Brando and the very popular Humayun Saeed.

The actor’s critique about his fellow stars in the industry sparked some negativity among people, but one of the mentioned stars decided to address Nauman in a rather sporty manner that made everyone laugh. That actor is, of course, Humayun Saeed.

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The Punjab Nahi Jaungi star appeared as a guest on Fahad Mustafa’s Jeeto Pakistan along with Ayesha Omar and Shahood Alvi.  Seeing Alvi and Humayun together, the host of the show decided to take a moment to provide some trivia. Fahad stated that in his first television drama, Raj Hansni directed by Iqbal Ansari, he played Humayun’s son. As a quick-witted comeback, Humayun replied that Fahad was playing the character of his fourth wife’s son. He also added:

“Naumaan Ijaz bhi mere abba banay thay, mere pehle dramay mein, seriously. (Even Nauman Ijaz also played my father in a previous drama!)”

Fahad gave a cheeky reply saying that “Apke aur Naumaan Ijaz ke pangay mein me parhna nahi chahta. (I don’t want to get involved with your thing with Nauman Ijaz).”

Humayun continued with his tongue in cheek humor by adding

“Lekin wo aaj bhi mere Abba banay gein, meri next film mein. (But you know, he’s still going to become my dad in one of my upcoming films.”

Fahad made another funny comment during a segment where the participants had to guess the contents of a briefcase. When Shahood Alvi made his prediction about the prize, Humayun asked Fahad: “Kaisa lagta hai yeh? (how do you like it?)”

Fahad responded, “Jaisa Naumaan Ijaz ko lagta hai (Like Nauman Ijaz does).”

The comment left Humayun in splits. All in all, Humayun Saeed took away any possible negativity from Nauman Ijaz’s viral video. It was a demonstration of a good sportsman’s spirit by the Karachi Lions captain. Stay posted for more updates and news from the world of showbiz.


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