‘I Would Have Married 5-6 Times If Hadn’t Married Mani’

Now that’s a news!

The happy-go-lucky-natured actress, Hira Mani recently appeared in  Imran Ashraf’s Mazak Raat show and shared her never heard before facts about her marriage with actor, Mani. The actress shared that she would have married five to six times if she hadn’t married Mani raising the eyebrows of the audience.

The actress describes herself as being very easygoing when it comes to matters of the heart.

Hira explained that because Mani had been just her choice of guy she was able to settle with him, otherwise she used to like different qualities in multiple men and would never have gotten too serious about any of them.

There is no doubt that Hira and Mani share jaw-dropping chemistry. They are one of the most favorite couples in the industry. Seeing them together on-screen, off-screen, or on their social media romancing is a treat to watch.

The actress has made a name for herself through her hard work and dedication to the business. The beloved actress still manages to make time for her family and take care of the kids.

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