IBA Students Now Have Their Own Dating App

‘The Uni Dating’ has been launched specifically for IBA students… But is it made by a student body?

IBA Students

Over the weekend, a dating app went viral on social media. The news of the app’s launch spread like wildfire on the internet and people were simply appalled. ‘The Uni Dating’ has been designed keeping IBA students in mind. That’s correct, if you’re not an IBA student, sorry bro… bad luck.


Why do IBA students need a dating app?

Contrary to what you might believe, most of the students are expected to go to university to pursue higher studies. But of course, that does not mean that students’ lives should revolve around nothing else.

Well, it seems that the students of IBA are “shadeed” single as quoted by several IBA graduates.
The news of this dating app was posted on a Facebook group on Saturday. A picture of the dating app for IBA students was posted along with a caption. It reads:


Hey Guys
Just wanted to grab a couple of minutes of your time.
We had something special cooking for a while now and finally, It’s here.

We would like to introduce you to your own “Exclusive” IBA dating site for current IBA students only.
If you know how “Tinder” works then you are in for a treat.

Sign up at : www.theunidating.com
Follow us on instagram : @unidating_iba
For queries contact us at: [email protected]

UniDating Team


IBA Students


Nobody else allowed

When we clicked on the link, we were taken to the main page of the website. Here, you will be asked to log in or sign up. To sign up for the website, you will need to provide an email address. But not just any email address, you have to provide your student email address.



You can take a look at the original Facebook post here.

What do you think of this dating app made specifically for IBA students? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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