Beaconhouse Gets Flack for Posting Pictures of Student Dressed Up as ‘Iblees’

The student performed a character from Allama Iqbal’s poem ‘Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura’.

A picture of a child dressed up as the Iblees for a show at Beaconhouse Kindergarten Campus, Faisalabad, is doing the rounds on the internet, and the school and his parents have been getting flak for it.

The picture was from a play for Iqbal Day on 9 November, and the play was based on Allama Iqbal’s famous poem Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura.

Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura is an Urdu poem written by Muhammad Allama Iqbal in 1935. It describes the meeting of the Devil and his advisers, and they discuss the current situation of the world. It was described as “a scathing criticism of the major socio-political and economic systems offered by the West”.

Without much information and details, netizens criticized the school for permitting a child to dress up as the Iblees. Here are a few comments by the people raising eyebrows at the costume:

After much criticism, many people stood up for the school and explained the concept behind the costume. They also schooled the trolls for passing judgment without knowing the facts.


What do you think about this costume and the concept behind it? Should children be allowed to dress up as the Devil? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Actually the intention of teachers must be good but before presenting it publicly, one has to keep audience in consideration…
    Remember our country is an Islamic state

  2. Uneducated people comments wdout knowing reality. It’s iq bal poem tablo.
    Children learn Deen at home.90% schools are educating children jst for money. At least beaconhouse has made Muslims to cope with international community.

  3. Well I don’t think there is any harm or wrong in it because see what they wanted to show ?and it was right in fact many people are not aware of Iqbals poem I think

  4. I can’t even imagine what the poor child is going through hearing the hedious comments being thrown his way. I feel all the comments against this little boy are satanic! I mean people, please before you say atrocious things you must first weigh your words. Words have consequences. The child, can you imagine what he must be going through right now. The boy knows and so do his parents that Satan represents evil and it was an enactment for crying out loud. Please ! This reaction is totally uncalled for and very un islamic. Islam doesn’t ridicule people and all the negative comments did Just that! If you didn’t approve of it you could’ve written a letter to the principal rather than shaming that little boy and scarring him for life. Who’s the devil now huh?

  5. 90% Pakistani woman free hair + long finger nails 😢 not doesn’t show Muslim woman… Copy Hindustan astagfirullah… So listen to these news it’s nothing bcos very low Deen and knowledge about True n pure Muslim so sad

  6. Shame on all those who are commenting all the way negatively! It is not the school it is filth in People’s mind that makes them create a Controversy out of an innocuous thing..

  7. The school tried to educate the society. In current parliament of pakistan corrupt politicians are members so it is truth which is displayed. To discuss it through visionary Leader is a good effort and I appreciate it.

  8. All rubbish, if a poem can be written why it can’t be dramatized. Good job 👍 Beconhouse

  9. Shame on this school for making the kids as such characters. I would have never made my child to participate in it. Bas ab naam baqi hai

  10. The process of being a muslim may cost criticism but every criticism is not developedment. I think we talk,show and act the deeds which we would like to adopt besides negative roles to play and repeat.

  11. I think no harm in it. Its just a chrachter played to educate rest of the kids to understand how the the devil works. We need to see things in educational perspective rather emotionally.

  12. School did good job by spreading Iqbal teaching about shetan activities that affect our life. In our curriculum, there is no awareness among children about Shetan and how we can avoid evil things in our daily life. So I support this activity and also should be taught in schools and such events should also be organized all over Pakistani

  13. جہاں تک کردارنظر آ رہے ہیں قصور حضرت اقبال کا جنھوں نےنظم ابلیس کی مجلس شوری لکھی

  14. السلام علیکم
    I don’t understand why they gave the characters one eye symbol characters. ..
    ان لوگوں نے ابلیس
    کیا یہ محض اتفاق ہے؟

  15. السلام علیکم
    ان لوگوں نے ابلیس کو ایک آنکھ کی علامت کیوں دی ۔کیونکہ جہاں تک میں جانتا ہوں ابلیس کا اس علامت سے کوئی تعلق نہیں ۔ یہ تو دجال کی علامت ہے ۔
    کیا یہ محض اتفاق ہے؟
    Why did these people give Iblis the symbol of one eye? Because as far as I know, Iblis has nothing to do with this symbol. This is a sign of Dajjal.

  16. Perhe likhy jahil inhi dinoo nain yahudi or angrez hallowen Types yani iblis ka libas pahen ker mukhkif shetani shakleen bana ker fastivel manaty hain jo chan din pehle arab main manaya gya. Its true ye yahudioon ka system hai. Or humari lalech or kem ilmi jo ye sab ho raha hai.

  17. Many nonsense comments seen eventhough they mostly from the same part of the system getting education from there but still with poor approach criticised the even, tell me there is already our sellybus is impractical just theoratical stuffs stuffing in minds that’s why petception goes wrong we should conduct this kind of events and we should encourage to taking up the Legend’s topics and express theirs thoughts practically through plays on stage to understand the exact meanings and purpose of the subject we just relie on Rattalisaion type of study to get degree n nothing. No doubt Bechonhouse type of other schools distroyed the education becoming just a comercial biz sector producing immoral alliens.

  18. Devil is a character described in books. The people who are objecting should share the solution, how to present it for kids in a drama or skit? How to make them understand? All the bad and negative things are presented strong connection with devil/ Iblees. According to the current time and technology children wants to learn in different ways.
    Ok then start telling kids k Harp technology is devil/ Iblees so we dont want to learn.
    Pakistani nation by default is drama creator, whenever they dont have opportunity, they dont understand, they started dramas.
    Instead of negative comments, everyone should suggest that it could be like this and that.

  19. Well ofcourse they should be asked about this. The psychological effect of this on the children is drastic. There is no reason to portray as the Iblees. It is just plain ignorance.

  20. My children are and went to this specific branch. First of all, all those criticizing are ignorant. Let me tell you why.

    This branch actually enhances student’s confidence, character building process by giving them opportunity to perform different tasks on stage.

    This was a skit performed on Iqbal Day. There was nothing wrong about it. Stop blaming the school, children and their parents. If skits are to be banned, then ban it in every school of the country. If this was done in any Pakistani drama or movie, all would have praised it. But when it come to school, criticism starts pouring.

  21. All the comments are true! You can’t say that they wrote comments without much information and details. YES! They are promoting Jews. They are promoting Dajjal. Why there is one eye on the caps of each member????
    Respected Readers, Please don’t believe on media and this article too.

  22. Firstly, not justified to criticise anyone unless you have the complete info, secondly, how could you differentiate between good and evil until you dramatise both sides…….

  23. We should look for the context and the message that has been promoted in the play. Critics without information only created confusion.