Iffat Omar Blasts Ishaq Dar for Using Religion Card After His Own Failure

She unleashed her rage on the Minister for damaging the country.

Iffat Omar took to Instagram to blame Finance Minister Ishaq Dar for the country’s ongoing economic crisis.

The actress unleashed her rage and sought an answer from the minister for damaging the economy which is heading towards a likely default if urgent measures aren’t taken.

She wrote,

Sorry Ishaq Dar but you can’t use religion to shift blame. It was your promise to turn things around you and made it worse. You have to admit your mistake and explain us what went wrong. If we are supporting PDM doesn’t mean we won’t question you. Perform or go.

Have a look at the video,

As the cash-strapped nation faces an extreme balance of payments problem, Iffat Omar lambasted Dar for attempting to shift the blame that Pakistan is the only country formed in the name of Islam and Allah is responsible for its advancement and prosperity.

It is worth noting that Iffat Omar has recently been very vocal when it comes to politics.

She has regularly accused former Prime Minister Imran Khan of using disparaging language and inciting violence, while frequently expressing her admiration for Maryam Nawaz.

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  1. She seemed stupid when was advocating for Imran Khan but now even more stupid when supporting PDM especially Maryam Nawaz. On what grounds and qualification she thinks that corrupt to core Maryam Nawaz can do wonders for Pakistani people.