Ik Lamha: Azaan Sami and Maya Ali Mesmerize Fans In New Music Video

Fans are loving the ’60s aesthetics.

Azaan Sami Khan is a popular music artist. He is the son of famous singer Adnan Sami, who now resides in India. However, unlike his father, the talented young singer is making a name for himself in Pakistan and he is back with another music video.

azaan sami

The young artist is in collaboration with ever-gorgeous Maya Ali for his latest single “Ik Lamha“. The Parey Hut Love star plays the romantic interest of Azaan in the music video. Fans are already loving the new video. It takes us on a time travel, exploring Karachi during 1964, complete with horse carts and vintage vehicles in the background. From the glamorous illuminated buildings, to the lively party scene and classic ’60s fashion, everything is spot on.

azaan sami

The video shows Azaan Sami Khan is at a cabaret of sorts. The showstoppers dancing in the back are very reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Both, Azaan and Maya, look good. Azaan goes with a classy tuxedo while Maya looks effortlessly glamourous in an embellished mustard dress. Overall, the seamless blend of qawwali with an electric guitar score and tablas make this a good music video.

The music video has gotten a lot of praises online as fans are loving the aesthetics and the song. Here are few comments made by netizens on social media.

azaan sami

What do you think about Azaan Sami Khan’s latest music video featuring Maya Ali? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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