‘I’m No Longer a Lesbian,’ Amna Ilyas Reveals In An Interview

The Baaji star has a hilarious interview with Wajahat Rauf

Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas is a very popular figure in showbiz. She climbed up the ladder as one of the top models in Pakistan, to become a supermodel. That’s why it shouldn’t come as surprise that she has won a Model of the Year award. She even appeared as a judge in the beauty competition Veet Miss Super Model.

Following the success of her modelling career, Amna quickly transitioned into acting. She made her debut in the hit 2013 film Zinda Bhaag featuring Bollywood legend Nasiruddin Shah. Amna has gone on to star in hit films like Saat Din Mohabbat In, Ready Steady No and Baaji. She has appeared in a few TV serials as Janam Jali, Dil Nahi Manta, Tum Meray Pass Raho, Kaffara, and Jhanka Tanki.

Recently, Amna sat down for a fun interview with the Voice Over Man (aka Wajahat Rauf) on his popular YouTube channel. The host asks a whole bunch of strange and awkward questions from his guest. On being asked about having any confusion with her sexual orientation, Amna jokingly states that she is now no longer a lesbian and is very much, exclusively interested in men.

There have been rumors about Amna Ilyas and Dawar Mehmood parting ways after they removed pictures of each other from social media. Amna shares her thoughts about her personal life in the interview.