Controversy: Is Iman Ali Working Out Without Any Pants? [Video]

Was she really working out wearing just a T-shirt?

Iman Ali is known for her bold and beautiful personality and has no qualms about going over the top in fashion or bold clothing choices. She has a knack for dressing insouciantly and flaunting it. Her recent ‘bold’ gym look has stirred quite a controversy on the internet. As much as the snippet of her working out at the gym wearing skin-colored tights is going viral, people are criticizing her for her choice of sportswear.

Her skin-colored tights look like she is bare-legged with just a t-shirt on. The cherry on top is that Iman Ali even used a filter that made her pants invisible on the screen, which tricked people.

Some people trolled the actress while others showered her with all kinds of hate and contentious comments.

On the work front, Iman Ali is busy promoting her upcoming film Tich Button. Paired with Feroze Khan, the diva is going to stir her magic on your screens soon along with Farhan Saeed and Sonya Hussyn.

The film, according to Urwa Hocane, is about love and friendship. The four lead actors – Feroze, Farhan, Iman, and Sonya – will share the screen space for the first time in this upcoming family entertainer that will be released on 28 October.


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  1. پہن کے غلطی ہی کی۔ لوگ ٹائٹس کو ڈسکس کر رہے نا پہنتی تو ٹائٹس کی جگہ بیچاری کو زیادہ ڈسکس کیا جاتا۔

  2. Jab koi in ko nhi phochta tab is tarahan ki harkatain krti hain taka public ki nazar ma hum dobara ajain. Just publicity k lya ya Kisi bhi tarahan ki harkatain kr skta hai

  3. Pehni hui ha ya ni lkn, boys se ziada girls excited or hot feel kr rhi ha… But, ye sari girls Iman Ali ki tra chezy rakti h… Boys to moty moty lamby dndy rkty ha

  4. It’s so sad that v never apriciate the things which v can see and admire but v always critical and have bad views for which v can not see or hidden inside …….

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