Imran Abbas Embarks on Sacred Journey: Performs Umrah in Mecca [Pictures]

Jise chaha darr pe bula liya jisay chaha apna bana liya…

Renowned actor Imran Abbas has embarked on a spiritual journey, performing Umrah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The actor shared pictures from the holy city, including a poignant image of himself dressed in sacred in Ehram, as he stood before the Kaaba.

Imran Abbas has been on a roll lately, starring in two hit dramas, with two international projects in the pipeline as well. He has much to be thankful for as performs Umrah. The pictures Imran posted resonated with his fans, who praised his devotion and showered him with blessings for this spiritual endeavor.

Imran Abbas shared a few pictures from the holy city on his Instagram. He wrote in the caption,

Jise chaha darr pe bula liya jisay chaha apna bana liya…
Ye baray karam ke hain faislay ye baray naseeb ki baat hai…

Imran Abbas is a talented actor who is loved by Pakistanis and foreigners alike because of his insanely good looks and acting prowess. Be it his acting, modeling, or hosting, Abbas always remains successful in stealing away the limelight.

Imran is undoubtedly having a remarkable year professionally, with two engaging dramas on television and his involvement in an international Punjabi film.

This multi-talented actor has also taken a significant step forward by signing another international project, further expanding his reach and making waves on a global scale.

The actor can be currently seen in the drama serial Ehram-e-Junoon on Geo Entertainment. Fans eagerly await his next project, Tumharay Husn Kay Naam, where he will be starring alongside the talented actress Saba Qamar.

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