Imran Abbas Gets Flak for Roasting Bestie Sanam Jung on Live TV

Sometimes friends can be brutally honest.

There’s an old saying that “the most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend,” but Imran Abbas got a little too honest with his advice to Sanam Jung.

The actor has come under fire after telling Sanam to “lose 10kg” on national television. The incident occurred when Abbas joined a morning show via a call. During the conversation, host Madeha Naqvi asked for his advice to Sanam for her upcoming trip to the US. The Amanat star left both the host and the audience shocked.

While Sanam and Imran laughed it off as a joke among friends, the incident sparked outrage among viewers, igniting a discussion on fat shaming, and maintaining respectful behavior, even among close friends.

While Imran Abbas may have intended his comment as a lighthearted joke among friends, it has drawn significant attention to the prevalent issue of body shaming in society. Fat shaming, in particular, perpetuates negative body image and can have detrimental psychological and emotional effects on individuals.


Prominent TV host Rabia Anum expressed her dissatisfaction with Abbas’ comment, stating,

Not cool. Not cool at all. Even if he [Imran Abbas] has this inside joke with Sanam as a friend, saying this on live TV is so not cool.

Anum’s response echoes the sentiment of many who believe that body shaming comments, even in a joking manner, are unacceptable and contribute to a culture that places undue importance on appearance rather than celebrating individuals for their talents and achievements.

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