Gal Gadot vs Gal Galat: Netizens Call Out Iffat Omar for Copying ‘Wonder Woman’

Who wore it better?

Netizens have called out actress and model Iffat Omar for copying Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot with her latest look.

Iffat was seen donning high-waisted black pants paired with a floral bustier from renowned fashion brand Cushnie et Ochs. The chic outfit caught the eye of some keen observers who were quick to point out that the Hollywood star wore the exact same outfit in 2017 on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

The only question left to answer is — Who wore it better?

Netizens were quick to draw comparisons, pointing out the undeniable similarity between Omar’s attire and Gadot’s previous look.

Iffat’s post was flooded with humorous reactions, with netizens highlighting the obvious resemblance and playfully trolling the Iffat for “copying” Gadot’s style.

While the social media reactions to Iffat Omar’s outfit choice were predominantly humorous, it is essential to remember that fashion is often influenced by trends and inspirations from various sources.

Copying or borrowing elements from others’ style is a common occurrence, and it does not necessarily imply plagiarism or malicious intent.

Iffat Omar is one of Pakistan’s most well-known television hosts and actresses. She is known for her bold and outspoken personality and has been a part of the entertainment industry for over two decades.

The actress is often found in the midst of controversy be it her bold sartorial choices or her political stance and ideas on various social issues.  She is known as a polarizing figure nationwide.

Despite the criticism, she remains a popular figure in the Pakistani media and continues to inspire many young women with her confidence and style.

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