Imran Khan Stirs the Crowd with Comment on U-Turns [Video]

‘Look where my U-Turns landed me,’ said Khan

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Following the Senate Elections 2021, Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke on the matter in a televisual public address. Imran Khan also called out opposition to oppose him openly not passive-aggressively.

At the same time, a clip of the PM is making rounds in which Imran Khan is boasting about securing the position of head of government, even after taking U-Turns. While all his opponents and rivals are behind the bars.


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A confident leader is something Pakistan needed for a long time, but that sarcastic remark just sounded plain cocky.

Since political clap backs serve as the silver lining in political beef, this comment stirred the crowd.


Looks like the PM won more fans with his clapback. Sarcastic comebacks just have a way of winning people over.


The comment didn’t sit well with everyone though. Netizens talked about not being able to keep promises and backtracking on your word is nothing to be proud of. Looks like they missed the sarcasm in Khan’s remark.

Netizens did not hold back on the criticism. Some even told him to ‘take a U-turn and head home’.


PM’s address revolved around horse-trading in Senate elections, corruption, money laundering and his infamous U-Turns.

The statesman also claimed that the Opposition intended to use the Senate Election 2021 win as a means to pressure Imran Khan for an NRO. The win would be painted as members of government switching sides, i.e. a crack in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s armour.

The PM asserted that he is ready to step down if his members say NO in no-confidence voting.

Watch the full address here;


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