Why Imran Khan Doesn’t Speak English In His Public Addresses? [Video]

During his speech at a recent ceremony, the Prime Minister explained why he prefers conversing in Urdu.

During his address for the launch of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates, Prime Minister Imran Khan explained why he does not use English phrases. The current PM was highlighting the importance of a strong criminal justice system. However, he hesitated mid-sentence because his next phrase was going to be in English. He stopped the speech to explain why he is against conversing with the public in the English language.

Yesterday, Imran Khan launched the issuance of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates. Earlier it took 2-7 years for the legal heirs to receive the succession certificate. However, not it will only take 15 days.


Imran Khan


The 22nd Prime Minister also indicated that reforms should be made in civil procedure court and the criminal justice system. In addition to this, he also said women’s inheritance rights should be ensured through the systems. But while talking about the criminal justice system, PM Imran Khan hesitated before saying the phrase:


When crime pays, crime multiplies.


A simple phrase, which could easily be understood by those present at the ceremony in Islamabad. So why did he hesitate? Imran Khan began to explain why he does not like addressing people in English. He said:


I don’t use that phrase in English because majority of the people in this country don’t understand English. When we start talking to them in English, it is an insult. And that is why I prefer talking in Urdu.


He also added that we should be respectful towards those who don’t speak the language. Imran Khan stated that it would have been okay if the majority understood English. But because they don’t, he objects against speaking to the public in English.

Take a look at the video here:



This statement won the public’s heart- especially because it came after the recent Cannoli scandal. Do you agree with Prime Minister Imran Khan? Share your views in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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