Imran Khan Shares Unseen Childhood Photo with His Father

Prime Minister Khan posted a picture of when he was two years old.

Not all of us are fond of sharing photos from our childhood despite how cute others might think they are. The same could have been said for Imran Khan and his childhood photos. Except, he’s not shy about it at all.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is not one to shy away from sharing his own childhood photos.

The PM posted a picture of when he was two years old. If you’ve ever wondered what Imran Khan looked like when he was two years old, wonder no more.


Have You Seen This Rare Childhood Photo of PM Imran Khan?

Captain shared a picture with his father and sister in an Instagram post. The black-and-white photograph shows a two-year-old Imran Khan in his father’s arms. This is the age when kids exit their infancy phase of development and set out into their childhood.

“With my father and sister when I was probably two years old,” said the caption.

Imran Khan baby photo with his father and sister
Rare baby photo of PM Khan.
Image Source: Gulf News
Are these baby photos of the PM and his ex-wife Reham Khan?
Image Source: Pinterest

Although Imran Khan’s Instagram largely archives his political activities, he occasionally shares insights into his personal life.

This includes book recommendations. A ritual the PM began posting monthly. As well as throwback photographs. So what do you think of Imran Khan’s childhood photo?


Imran Khan’s New Book Recommendation for December: ‘History of The Pathans’

Aside from a massive following on social media, the PM also has an active presence on these platforms. He often engages with his fans and followers through his social media profiles. In fact, his public Q&A session via telephone was posted on his Instagram.

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