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Imran Khan’s Misogynist Remark Earns Him the Ire of Pakistani Twitter

We expect better from the Prime Minister.

Its no secret that politics is a dirty business, and that rivals often indulge in mud-slinging matches to discredit their opposition. However, for someone who occupies the top leadership position in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan must be held to a higher standard than his opponents.

We are referring of course to a rather unfortunate remark made by Prime Minster in Wana at a rally, where he calls PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, ‘sahiba’.

Many people are saying that this might have been a slip of a tongue, with others saying it was deliberate. In any case, implying that being a woman is an insult is rather problematic, no matter which side of the political divide you fall into.


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Background of Recent Sparring Match between IK and BBZ

During the past few days, Bilawal questioned Imran Khan’s Oxford education, following a harmless gaffe PM Khan made while speaking in Iran about ‘Germany and Japan sharing borders.’

Following that incident, the PM responded by calling the PPP Chairman as a ‘lady’.

The remarks

We believe that political sparring aside, that remark just doesn’t sit well at all, especially when one is occupying a big office.

Pakistani Twitter certainly didn’t like it, even Khan’s own supporters as well. There are better ways to attack your political opponent than just hurling terms like ‘sahiba’. Unless you think that being a woman is an insult in itself.

Social Media Has a Lot to Say About It

Here are some reactions from Pakistani Twitter regarding the incident.

Other Pakistani Politicians Don’t Fare Any Better

To be fair, its not just one person we should be outraging against, but an entire culture that thrives on calling women names and all sorts of choicest insults. Here are some other politicians who have done the same:

This is pretty damning as well:

Sadly, the list of Pakistani politicians belittling women is endless. Sadder yet, this recent incident by IK will just become yesterday’s news in a day or two.

Like every other outraging session on social media, it seems like this guy is right on the money:

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