Indian Company Gets Trolled After Claims That It Can Sell ‘Vegetarian Water’

Pure vegetarian water? True or false?


You may have heard of natural water, sparkling water, even mineral water. But have you ever heard of ‘pure and vegetarian’ water? Us neither. But now, this one Indian company has come up with this truly outlandish concept. Prestige’s LifeStraw is a water purifier that churns out ‘pure and vegetarian’ water, or so it claims.

Good thing that we live in the information age because the internet is having none of this ‘vegetarian water.’


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Is Vegetarian Water Even A Thing?

Technological innovation moves faster than evolution, but not that fast. That’s exactly why the Internet went wild when an advert for a water purifier that gives you a ‘pure and vegetarian’ drink was published in a newspaper.

The ad accepts the absurdity of the situation, attempting to differentiate between veg and non-veg water.

“Pure vegetarian water? Must be an advertising gimmick! Actually it isn’t.”

Now for a bit of science lesson here.

Most purifiers kill germs present in water. However, this ad goes on to claim that these “chemically-killed micro-organisms, remain in the water, making it safe but effectively non-vegetarian.

Prestige claims that its water purifier ensures those dead germs (microbes) are “removed” so that you can get “pure” water. Fun fact, we also have microbes living in our mouth. And whats more, most of them are actually healthy for us.

The Internet Knows Better

Despite being home to fake news, the Internet knows better than to trust marketing hoaxes. Which is why Twitter lit up and could not be doused by this ad about ‘veg water’.


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You see, the thing about vegetarianism is that you do not consume animal meat. Keeping that in mind, it is important to mention that microbes are not animals. They are not even classified in the animal kingdom.

Kind of explains why the whole marketing behind this kind of water purifying product is wonky to begin with:

There is a way to be a microbe-free vegetarian after all. But sorry to say, this ‘vegetarian liquid’ is not the answer to that.

We wonder what will be next? Halal water? We need a filter for this and certainly not the Snapchat kind.

After ‘vegetarian’ water, other proposed marketing ploys include:

Looks like some people are falling for the vegetarian divide.

via India Today