Indian TV Star Rakhi Sawant Voices Support for Imran Khan

The controversial star claims to be the “first girl from India to support PTI.”

India’s controversial reality TV star Rakhi has become the latest supporter of Imran Khan, claiming to be the “first girl from India” to support Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The 2024 elections survived Imran Khan is still remains in the hearts of Pakistanis despite being in jail and his political party dispersed with PTI representatives forced to compete as independent candidates. After all these hurdles, the people still vote for Imran Khan and his party. But that’s not all, his support stretches beyond border as well.

In a bizarre twist of fate, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has gained an unexpected admirer from across the border in India. Rakhi Sawant, a well-known reality television star, has unabashedly declared her support for Khan and his political party, PTI.

A short video clip circulating on social media captures Rakhi passionately expressing her admiration for the Kaptaan. Dressed in a striking blue gown, she can be heard exclaiming, “Imran Khan! I really like Imran Khan!” The video, accompanied by a caption playfully warning Rakhi’s estranged former husband, has sparked a frenzy of reactions online.

In the clip, Rakhi boldly proclaims herself as the “first girl from India” to openly advocate for PTI and Khan. She criticizes the alleged unjust imprisonment of Khan and emphasizes her belief in democratic principles.

Additionally, Rakhi took to Instagram to announce her intention to visit Pakistan to personally congratulate Khan, expressing confidence in PTI’s electoral success.

Even Rakhi’s creative output has been influenced by her newfound admiration, as she dedicated her latest song, “Drama Queen,” to Khan. Despite some skepticism, particularly regarding the unexpected nature of Rakhi’s support, PTI supporters have welcomed her endorsement with enthusiasm.

Social media users have flooded the video with a mix of amusement and astonishment at Rakhi’s unexpected endorsement of Imran Khan. Some ponder the surreal nature of the situation, while others jokingly speculate about potential matrimonial prospects for Rakhi and Imran Khan.

In the whirlwind of reactions, one thing is clear: Rakhi Sawant’s vocal support for Imran Khan has added an unexpected twist to the political landscape, proving that in the realm of politics, anything can happen—even the endorsement of a reality TV star from across the border.