Inhumane Act: Groom Weds Younger Sister After Bride’s Sudden Death in India

The body of the deceased bride was kept in cold storage until the wedding rituals were over. 

In a shocking turn of events, an Indian man married the younger sister of his bride-to-be, who had passed away during the wedding ceremony. According to sources, the bride suddenly felt dizzy and fainted while participating in the wedding rituals.

The bride was rushed to a nearby hospital, where the doctors declared her dead due to a heart attack. The news of the bride’s sudden demise left the family devastated, and they were uncertain about how to proceed with the wedding.

However, after much deliberation, the family decided to go ahead with the ceremony and married the groom to the bride’s younger sister. The body of the deceased bride was kept in cold storage until the wedding rituals were over.

While the family was grief-stricken, members of the society convinced them that sending the groom away empty-handed would not be appropriate.

The incident reportedly took place in the city of Bhavnagar, Gujarat at the marriage venue in the Subhashnagar area, and the family’s decision to proceed with the ceremony has stirred up controversy.

The incident has generated much debate, with some people calling it an inhumane act, while others believe that the family was under pressure to proceed with the ceremony.

Laxmanbhai Rathore, a corporator of the city, expressed his sadness over the incident and stated that it was unfortunate that the family had to make such a decision.


The incident has once again brought to the forefront the issue of societal pressures and the need for families to be given the freedom to make their own decisions in such situations. It is a sad reminder of the fragility of life and the need to cherish every moment with our loved ones.