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Iqra Aziz Becomes A YouTube Star [Video]

The ‘Suno Chanda’ star launched her first vlog.


Vlogging has become pretty common and popular trend these days, especially among Pakistani celebrities. Osman Khalid Butt has one, Nadia Khan has one and recently, Hamza Firdous started his own YouTube vlog as well. The latest star to become a YouTube vlogger is none other than Iqra Aziz!

Connecting With Fans

Iqra knows the importance of maintaining a connection with her fan base and vlogging is what she needs! This social platform will allow her freedom to create engaging and creative content that her fans wish to see.


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A Household Name In Dramas

Iqra Aziz is currently the top actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Her recent performance in the hit TV show ‘Suno Chanda’ earned her a lot of praises and acclaim.

Iqra started teasing her fans with random cute videos with her dog.

She has already garnered a good number followers on YouTube as she recently released her first ever vlog. Check it out!

Yasir Hussain Is Thrilled!

Fiancée and co-star for her upcoming debut film, Yasir Hussain is very excited for Iqra’s latest venture. The actor took to Instagram to share the news and asked his fans to follow Iqra’s channel.

YouTube is not just a platform for people to find stardom but is actually a great way for celebrities to connect with their audiences fans in a fun way.


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Written by Sher Alam


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