Iqra Aziz Spotted Performing Mommy Duties on Set

She takes her son to work with her.

Iqra Aziz has been a determined actress and has paved her way in the A-listers actors list with utter hard work. Besides being a superstar, she is also a super mom. Since the day she gave birth to her son, Kabir, from fighting with post-partum depression to bringing him up herself, the diva has been a great mother and an actress.

A woman can never stop being a mom even when she is working under bright lights and cameras, and Iqra Aziz proves she is a super mom as she takes Kabir to the sets of her upcoming movie and cares for him between shots.

Even while she is at work, Iqra Aziz has been seen singing lullabies to Kabir to put him to sleep.

A video snippet of the mommy-son has been making rounds on the web, warming the hearts of thousands of her fans and followers. Iqra Aziz was also filmed feeding Kabir baby food while playing with him on set. Now that’s what we call a super mom!

Kabir has become a part of his mom’s work life and we already are aware that we’re seeing a future star in him.

The actress also did a diaper endorsement with her son and the two looked absolutely adorable together.

Take a look:

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