Irfan Junejo Comes Out In Support of Victims After Allegations Against Ukhano

Making us proud.

Irfan Junejo

With the whole ‘Ukhano’ scandal, it’s good to see men standing with victims for a change. Irfan Junejo did us proud when he encouraged victims who had faced harassment to speak up.

Pakistani YouTuber, Irfan Junejo is known to be a friend of travel vlogger Umer Khan alias Ukhano. Following the latest allegations against Umer, Irfan has decided to make his stance known in clear terms.

A few days ago, many victims came forward with stories about how Ukhano used his influence to behave inappropriately towards them.

Irfan Junejo, The Most Loved Pakistani YouTuber?

Pretty soon social media was rife with stories regarding all the harassment incidents carried out by the social media influencer.

Many fans rushed to Ukhano’s defense, calling the grave accusations ‘staged and scandalous‘.


Pakistani YouTuber Ukhano Gets Accused of Sexual Harassment And Here’s His Response [Video]


Irfan Junejo acknowledged how harassment is about power and no one should be allowed to use their influence for that purpose.

People lauded Irfan Junejo for taking a clear stance when most of Ukhano’s connections are adamantly standing with him.

Some people have dubbed him Pakistan’s favorite YouTuber for this reason.


Certain Female Influencers Side With Ukhano

Amid all this, Polish travel vlogger Eva Zubeck came out in Ukhano’s defense. The European YouTuber defended Ukhano with the statement that ‘he never made me feel threatened or uncomfortable‘.

European travel vlogger Eva Zubeck defends Ukhano


This response made many Pakistani women speak their minds about the whole situation. Their take? How can a foreigner, who comes around once in a while, undermine the very serious issue of harassment and diminish the experiences faced by local women?




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Actress Anoushay Ashraf also came out in support of Ukhano, citing the same reasons as Eva Zubeck.

Actress and model Anoushey Ashraf refutes victims claims against Ukhano

Again, netizens had to school the model-cum-actress on how harassment is about exploiting the power dynamic.

Then again when asked about her stance on feminism, Anoushay Ashraf avoided answering the question altogether. Her response?


“This could me get me into trouble.”

At least Irfan Junejo and others are really making us proud by not beating around the bush when it comes to famous people and the responsibility they should exercise in a social media world.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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