Is Armeena Khan Quitting Social Media?

The actress has something to say about it.


Armeena Khan is one of the finest actors in the showbiz industry these days. Besides her acting talent, the actress is also an avid social media user.

Unlike many other celebrities, Armeena uses social media platforms to raise her voice against human rights violations in Kashmir, Syria, Palestine and various other places.

She recently wrote a letter to UNICEF, demanding that the United Nations’ subsidiary removes Priyanka Chopra as their goodwill ambassador, based on her jingoistic comments on Kashmir and against Pakistan.

Armeena also remains vigilant on Twitter, sharing her views on personal and general issues. She is known to be ‘ruthless’ when it comes to dealing with the trolls.


However, the “Muhabbat Na Kariyo” actress now seems to be fed up with all the toxicity on Twitter and has hinted about quitting the microblogging platform.

“Twitter is a real negative space now full of scumbags, racists, and bots. Every day it zaps my energy; you can’t even share anything positive without someone pooping all over it. I think I’m going to look for a better platform elsewhere. I like happiness, positivity, and fun stuff,” wrote Armeena on Twitter.

So, do you think this is the end of Armeena Khan’s activism on Twitter? Or is this the best move for her?



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