Is Jackie Chan Under Quarantine For Coronavirus?

Here’s what happened.

Jackie Chan is in quarantine

Jackie Chan is an all-rounder when it comes to living life to the fullest. He’s a martial artist, actor, director, producer, stunt man and singer. So, it goes without saying why the 65-year-old Mr. Chan is famously loved all around the globe. With news of coronavirus spreading in Hong Kong, there has been a lot of worries from fans.



The Real Tea

A rumor spread all over the internet that the Rush Hour actor is in quarantine for coronavirus. He allegedly attended a policeman’s retirement party, where some people later tested positive for coronavirus.

59 people who attended the seafood and roast goose restaurant party were then put in quarantine. One policeman’s wife and mother-in-law are also displaying signs of the virus.


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While the number of affected individuals rose to 92 in Hong Kong, fans took to social media to express their grief and send prayers to the talented Mr. Chan.

Seeing the major outbreak on social media from fans and supporters, Mr. Chan took to Instagram to clear the misunderstanding. He said:

I’m safe and sound, and very healthy. Please don’t worry, I’m not in quarantine.

He thanked everyone for their concerns and hopes that everyone stays safe and healthy themselves.

Upon further investigation, the rumors of him attending the party were also cleared. Jackie and Co. were half an hour away from the restaurant, at the Yau Yat Chuen Garden City Club in Kowloon.


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While some people thought Jackie Chan is in quarantine because Karma is playing its role after pictures of him with police officers surfaced on the internet. People thought it to be irresponsible on his part to get “chummy” with the police, amidst brutality against civilians.



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