Is Tabish Hashmi Planning on Leaving Geo? [Video]

The stand-up comedian is trending on social media after a ‘leaked’ video clip of him went viral.

Comedian and talk show host, Tabish Hashmi, has gone viral after a purportedly leaked video clip of him talking about leaving the channel Geo with an unknown person surfaced on social media.

The Hasna Mana Hai host has Twitterati curious about his discussion about making more money.

Here is the video that is making the rounds on the internet:

The leaked video clip was recorded by a fan who was waiting to take a selfie with the popular comedian.

According to some fans, Tabish Hashmi is planning on leaving the Geo as he wants a deal worth “crores” of rupees.

For now, Tabish Hashmi is yet to come forward and address what he said in the video.

Who is Tabish Hashmi?

Tabish Ahmed Hashmi is a famous Canadian-Pakistani standup comedian, digital media influencer, and talk show host, who was born in Karachi. He started his career with the standup comedy show The Laughing Stock and gained most of his fame from hosting Nashpati Prime’s show To Be Honest.

Tabish Hashmi

He is currently the host of Hasna Mana Hai and Jashan e Cricket. Tabish Hashmi usually invites popular celebrity guests to his show and asks them blunt and honest questions that do not come across as hard or hostile. The comedian has such a friendly and hilarious approach that celebrities often reply candidly to his questions.

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