Islamabad: Young Girl Goes Viral ‘Pole Dancing’ In Public [Video]

A girl in Islamabad is going viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. Recently, a young girl from 1-8 Markaz was spotted dancing on the side of the road. The youngster caught the eye of passersby dancing provocatively, even performing a pole dance on the no-parking sign.

The video of the incident is circulating all around Twitter. The incident has left people wondering what to make of it. Netizens are in an ongoing debate regarding the incident and mental state of this young individual.

Folks are not happy with the girl’s “indecent” behavior. People call out authorities to take action against her.

Other believe that the person recording the girl has no right to upload her video to the internet. People think it unfair to post the video without her consent.

There are several people who argue that girl may be under the influence. From the looks of it, the young girl is dancing without a care in the world, not fully aware of her environment.

Some argue to that people should mind their own business. The girl is not harming anyone and should be allowed to dance without harsh judgement.

And finally, there are trolls who make light of the situation. People make hilarious excuses for the girl. Some say she’s dancing because of the heat wave and no light at home. Others call out the person recording the girl, saying he “enjoyed” the whole dance before uploading it on social media.

What do you think about the girl dancing in Islamabad, should any action be taken? Let us know in the comment section below.


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