Islamic Scholar Muhammad Ali Mirza Survives Assassination Attempt

The preacher was previously arrested for defamation charges against other religious scholars.

Famed Islamic scholar, Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is said to have narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. The YouTuber was targeted in an assassination attempt.

According to the Bol News, luckily Muhammad Ali Mirza evaded the attempt on his life and is now safe and sound. Any further information regarding the incident is yet to be revealed officially by the scholar.

The motive behind the attempted assassination is still unknown.


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On the other hand, the preacher was previously arrested for defamation against other religious scholars. News regarding the preacher’s arrest had widely circulated all over social media. According to sources, Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza had been arrested by Jhelum police over passing derogatory and instigating remarks against other religious scholars. According to Dawn, Mirza was booked under Section 153 of Pakistan Penal Code and arrested him on the allegations.

The arrest of the cleric sparked protest by his followers. The calls for his release also went viral on the social media.

The Islamic scholar made a name for himself by preaching online. Muhammad Ali Mirza is a YouTuber. The digital preacher shares his detailed Islamic lectures on his YouTube channel. Currently he has 1.45 million subscribers aside from his vast fanbase on social media.



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