“It’s okay agar Sheheryar kay sath photoshoot logon ko pasand nahi aya,” Says Syra Yousuf

Syra Yousaf and Sheheryar Munawar appeared on Ahsan Khan’s game show talking about their bold photoshoot

Lately, a trend of bold photoshoots has become quite common in our industry. We have seen many roped in to have some sizzling clicks due to their terrific on-screen chemistry. Be it, Ayesha Omar and Shoaib Malik, Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan, Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed, Syra Yousuf and Sheheryar Munawar many celebrities shared  crackling chemistry and break the internet with their striking charisma and style.

But most people do not approve of such shoots and consider is to be indecent, vulgar and beyond ethical and moral boundaries.

Recently, Syra Yousaf and Sheheryar Munawar appeared on Ahsan Khan’s game show. During the discussion, Ahsan Khan brought up their bold photoshoot together and mentioned that majority of people did not quite approve of it.

Khan also asked Syra for her opinion about it to which Syra replied

“Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. The people who liked it, probably understood the creativity behind it”.

She further added

It’s ok agar Sheheryar Munawar kay sath photoshoot kuch logon ko pasand nahi aya

But according to the Pehli se Muhabbat star and Syra the shoot was ‘Haseen’  since it was candid and they weren’t quite posing but being themselves. They believed that was the beauty of it and the photographer too stirred his magic.

Take a look!

As much as the photoshoot has been a sizzler, people were not quite happy about it. They had mixed reactions. Some people found it vulgar and out of the line while others quite loved their chemistry together and declared them as a favorite new couple.


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  1. “its ok logoun ko photoshoot pasand nahi aya”
    what do you mean by this? yani ky abhi log paindu hain na….abhi grow up hona hai…. phr kisi ko bura nahi lagy ga jitna merzi nangy ho ja… ye jin ka culture hai…. wahan k media world main tum logoun ki taky ki okaat nahi….tu apnay he mulk main nangy ho ky shok pora ker rahy ho….samajh nhi ati mujhy akhir kya hai jo ye cheathray pehan k dikhaye ja rahy ho saray….

  2. If they’re doing their job ….so let them do ….agr apko pasnd nhi aya shoot to na dekho …..they’re not doing anything wrong in private…….r wese bhi pehly apny girybaan m jhanka chahie….pir baat krni chahie….
    Keep it 💯 well done both of you 👏

  3. Such photos hoots are ruining are youth
    Allah pak hidayat daen
    This kind of vulgarity has no place in our religion n society

    Buhat afsoos huwa

    Jis mae حیا nuhi phir wo ju chahiye kare

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