Jaw-Dropping Transformation of Mehwish Hayat From 2009 Till Now

From a mashriqi girl to a fashion diva!

Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani actress known for being an outspoken and fierce personality. The star also has a knack for staying in the headlines because of her unapologetic self and fashion choices.

Almost a decade after ruling the small screen, Mehwish Hayat has proven her mettle on the silver screen as well. From her plain look in TV serials to a sexy diva, Mehwish has evolved into a fashion-savvy celeb. Not only have her acting skills improved, but her personal style has also evolved tenfold with the passage of time.

With her increasing popularity and fandom, let’s take some time and look at her drastic style transformation over the period of her career that has ranked her as the one of best-dressed celebrities in Pakistan.

The Beginning, 2009

Mehwish entered stardom as a simple Mashriqi-type girl with thin eyebrows, a chubby face, and straight long hair and was mostly seen in minimalist eastern wear with a desi touch.


Recognition, 2011

She gained nationwide recognition after her super hit serial Mere Qatil Mere Dildar which led her to make some changes in her style and we noticed thick eyebrows which added depth to her personality.

Social Media Entrance, 2013

She stepped into the world of social media which was a great step into the new world with new changes, more confidence, and more love.

The Turning Point, 2014

After her debut performance on the silver screen, we got to see a bold and sassy Mehwish Hayat who won the hearts of her fans with her sizzling acting as well as sartorial choices.

Modeling, 2015

Mehwish’s style saw a dramatic evolution and she soon took over fashion runways and magazine covers.


Fashion Growth, 2017

She has continued to push the boundaries of fashion, consistently making bold fashion statements.

No Turning Back, 2018

The diva became known for her impeccable style. Whether she’s on vacation or attending a fashion event, Mehiwish is always impeccably dressed, and never fails to impress us with her on-point styling. Even her vacation wardrobe is to steal for.

Too Hot to Handle, 2020

She exudes elegance and glamour in every step she takes, showcasing the perfect combination of modern and traditional styles.

Miss Perfect, 2022 Till Now

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And she’s still going strong, turning heads along the way.

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